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March 22, 2009

What size is good for a poultry house?

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What size should your chicken house be?

Chicken houses in Venda - funded by a government grant

These two broiler houses were built in Nzhelele in Limpopo, Venda and were funded through a government grant. How many chicken you can fit in the chicken house depends on how many chickens you place per square meter.

We can custom build a steel poultry house for you. This article shows you what size house you need to house the number of chickens you wish to raise.

Steel poultry sheds come in many different sizes and materials. Depending on how many chickens you wish to fit in the house we can build a house to suit your needs.

All of our houses come with the following equipment. Further down you will find out what size chicken house you need to put the number of birds you wish to raise. Our poultry sheds are made from robust steel angle iron and clad in 0.3mm galvanized sheets.

The smaller houses use 25mm angle iron and the larger houses use 30mm x 300mm angle iron. We have worked on the industry standard of 15 birds per square meter but this can be increased up to 21 chickens per square with proper poultry management and care.

We can also use thicker steel sheeting and angle iron if you wish. We also offer insulation for poultry houses.

No Equipment Description
1 21m x 3m Galvanized Poultry House with structure and roofing
2 21m x 1.6m Complete curtain system with winching equipment
3 Tube Feeders
4 Automatic ballast broiler drinker
5 4lt. Chick Fond for day old broilers
6 Day old scratch trays
7 200lt Main header tank with all overhead piping
8 Min/Max Thermometer -40 to 40 degrees
9 G8 Gasolec brooder with regulator.
10 23Lt. Foot bath for bio-security

The number of chickens you can fit in a poultry house depends on how much space you have. Below are some of the standard size chicken sheds we make. Look for how many birds you can fit in the house and then you can decide what size poultry house you want. See out house sizes and number of chickens per house.

Chicken Shack Agencies manufactures poultry equipment for the poultry industry. We install equipment and systems around Africa.

Chicken houses – here you will find prices on chicken housesĀ  – layer houses for eggs and broiler houses for broiler chickens.

Learn about poultry farming – talk to other small poultry farmers about the different aspects of chicken farming – suppliers, farmers, farms, medication, structures and different tpes of farming.

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A broiler house is a chicken house that is made specifically for raising baby chickens to six weeks old for meat. A layer house is for raising hens to produce eggs and how many chickens you can fit depends on how big poultry house you have. In a layer house it will also depend on what kind of layer cages you have.



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