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Poultry Housing - layer houses and broiler houses

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Poultry Houses Prices


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Yellow Door Poultry Houses

Fantastic value and quality

Layer houses and broiler houses - The best Chicken houses in Africa - We can build any size poultry house or chicken coop you need. Our Yellow Door Houses are built to suit African conditions and are the best value poultry structures available.

These layer houses and broiler houses houses include all the equipment you need to start growing chickens - tube feeders, curtains, winches, bell drinkers with header tank, layer cages. Call us now for more information!

For prices of Yellow door chicken house - see

Broiler house costs ... Layer House Costs

Our friendly staff will help you with all aspects of starting a chicken farm - from what food you need to cycle time and growing techniques. Want to talk to other small chicken farmers - The Poultry Forum is the place!

If you need help with your poultry business plan for government funding - or formal quotes to submit to government we will help.

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Installing a chicken house

Our team can usually be out to site within 3 weeks - depending on availability of steel. This is usually what keeps us waiting. We buy buy from various supplies - always trying to find the best price for the steel structure.

If you are in the bush - as most poultry farmers are - we come and stay over. Our team will need accommodation, electricity and running water - to live and to work.

Depending on how big your chicken house is it can take us up to 4 days to assemble, weld and clad the poultry house. We then begin with installing the equipment and curtains. Our poultry houses are pre manufactured in our factory in Pretoria - parts are painted with our Yellow Door House colours - anti rust paint, and then we touch up on site. Our trade mark yellow door is wide enough to allow easy access for most requirements.

The 3m wide chicken house is manufactured using 25mm angle iron. The 6m wide poultry house uses 30mm angle iron. Manufactured for African Farming.

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Chick trays
chick tray

curtain pulley






Tube Feeder
tube feeder

Gas heaters
Gas heaters

Bell drinkers
Bell drinkers







Small Farmer Solution - See Prices of chicken houses

Size 6m x 3m

All equipment included

270 birds, Return per cycle = R2500 (SPEC)

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Commercial solution Cost of Broiler houses

Size 15m x 6m - all equipment included

1500 birds, Return per cycle = R10000


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A broiler house is for raising chickens that will be sold for their meat.

A layer house is a chicken house that is used for raising hens that will lay eggs for selling.

Layer houses and broiler houses are different - they are different sizes and have different poultry equipment.

Layer chicken houses have layer cages or nest boxes and broiler houses have drinkers and feeders.

A layer house is wider and higher and has larger poultry curtain openings.