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How many Chickens per?  

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Chicken Per Equipment and Houses


How many chickens per?

How many chickens per square meter?

Between 10 and 22 depending on how good a chicken farmer you are. In South Africa the law states 15 chickens per square meter.

How many chickens in a chicken house?

Depends on the size of the chicken house – length x breadth = square meter – x number of birds per square.

How many chickens in a layer cage?

Depends on the size of the bay – Maximum 5 chickens in a smaller bay – 7 chickens in a larger bay.

How many chickens in a nest box?

8 chickens per nest box bay.

How many eggs does a hen lay?

Average of 5 per week – can go as much as 7 eggs per week with proper care and feeding.

How many chickens in a breeder house?

7- 8  chickens per square meter.

How many chickens in a layer house?

Depends whether you are using layer cages or nest boxes.

How many chickens in a broiler house?

12 – 22 chickens per sqm

How many chickens in a free range chicken house?

Inside the chicken house – 10 for broilers, 6 for layering hens. Outside – 5 chickens per sqm

How many chickens in an organic chicken house?

Inside the chicken house – 10 for broilers, 6 for layering hens. Outside – 4 chickens per sqm

How chickens per bell drinker?

75 – 100 chickens.

How many chickens per tube feeder?

33 chickens per feeder.

How many chickens per nipple?

12 – 14 chickens per nipple.

How many chickens per trough on a chain feeder?

2.5cm per broiler along the length of the trough.

How many chicken per chicken fount?

100 chickens per water fount.

How long does a broiler take to grow?

Depends on the weight you want and what type of farming – organic chickens 12 weeks, free range chickens 11 weeks, intensive chicken farming between 4 and 6 weeks.

How many chickens per gas brooder?

Depends on the size of your brooder. – Gasoec G12 gas brooder – 2500 – 3000 broilers, M8 Gasolec gas heater 1000 – 1200 chickens. Note that if you have a drafty house it will affect these figures.



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