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yellow door poultry house


Layer cages and nest boxes for Chicken Houses

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...... Nest boxes and Layer cages.

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Nest Boxes for chicken houses

Layer Cages for Poultry Houses

Nest Boxes for breeder houses and layer chicken houses

You have a choice in terms of how many holes - that is the place where the chickens lay their eggs. We make a 12 hole and 24 hole. These laying boxes are robust and meet all the standards required by any commercial poultry farm.

nest boxes for chickens

Nest boxes are used for the hens to lay eggs in. They are used in Layer chicken houses and breeder chicken houses. They are also used for free range layer houses and organic layer houses.

layer cages in a large chicken house south africa


Layer Cage for chickens

layer cages for a chicken house

Gas Heaters for Poultry Houses

laying cages for hens in a chicken house

chicken housing





Layer cages are used in intensive poultry farming.

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pictures of chicken houses, and layer cages from South Africa. Nest boxes are steel boxes made for hens to lay eggs in.

Images of poultry houses are from installations we have done of poultry houses around South Africa for Chicken farming projects for government. Government funding in South Africa is quite difficult - Persevere!

Floor eggs are not considered grade A eggs so egg producers try and get the chickens to lay eggs in a box instead - it make collecting eggs with an egg trolley much easier