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Layer cages for poultry - When chicken farming there will be certain poultry equipment you need to farm poultry in your chicken house.

Depending the type of chicken farming you are doing.
Pan feeders & feeding equipment
- Feeding chickens is a big part of what you will do - it can take a lot of time if you are feeding by hand - automatic feeding and nipple drinking systems can help.

Bell drinkers for chickens - Bell drinkers will help to water your chickens - if you have thousands of chickens you may want to put an automatic drink system in your chicken house.

Nipple drinking Equipment for chicken houses - Nipple drinkers are very effective for chicken farming on a large scale. When doing organic farming or free range eggs - all this poultry equipment will help.

Organic Egg Farming - Free range chickens can be feed with automatic feeding systems like cain feeding - the chickens must have access to the outside though.

Chicken Farming - free range chickens - there is a fair amount of money to be made with free range eggs and organic eggs.


Poultry Houses and Chicken Houses


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Yellow Door Poultry Houses

Fantastic value and quality

If You need full commercial open or closed environment houses please email us and we will quote.


These houses include all the equipment you need to start growing chickens - tube feeders, curtains, winches, bell drinkers with header tank. Call us now for more information!

Gas Heaters for Poultry Houses

Our trained poultry personal can help you with all aspects of starting a chicken farm - from what food you need to cycle time and growing techniques. Want to talk to other small chicken farmers - The Poultry Forum is the place!

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Installing a chicken house

Our team can usually be out to site within 3 weeks - depending on availability of steel. This is usually what keeps us waiting. We buy buy from various supplies - always trying to find the best price for the steel structure.

If you are in the bundu - as most poultry farmers are - we come and stay over. Our team will need accommodation, electricity and running water - to live and to work.

Depending on how big your chicken house is it can take us up to 4 days to assemble, weld and clad the poultry house. We then begin with installing the equipment and curtains. Our poultry houses are pre manufactured in our factory in Pretoria - parts are painted with our Yellow Door House colours - anti rust paint, and then we touch up on site. Our trade mark yellow door is wide enough to allow easy access for most requirements.

The 3m wide chicken house is manufactured using 25mm angle iron. The 6m wide poultry house uses 30mm angle iron. Manufactured for African Farming. We are also interested in Fish Farming - barbell especially if you have any info.




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Small Farmer Solution

3m x 12m chicken house

Size 6m x 3m

All equipment included

270 birds,

Return per cycle R2500 (SPEC)

Email us for a price!

email us now for a price


Commercial solution


Size 15m x 7m - all equipment included

1575 birds,

Return per cycle R10000


email us now for a price


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The Equipment we use is either manufactured in our factory in Gauteng or imported from Gasolec and Impex.

If you need to know how many birds you can grow in your space, or what poultry equipment you need - ask - our team of poultry experts will find the answer. Chicken Shack has a reputation for making a plan - and being one of the few poultry equipment companies who manufacture drive units, troughs, feeder bins, auger systems etc. - if the solution is not of the shelf - we'll make it for you.

We also do laying houses, garden sheds., storage sheds, and wendy houses.

Whatever size you want - we can build a steel poultry shed for you.